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Disk addition

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Disk addition

Dear all,

I would be adding a few more disks to the HSD30 controller with config as below

Name Storageset Uses Used by

R1 raidset DISK100 D3

A few queries regarding the same

How many more disks can be added to the controller on the same raidset. Is there a maximum number of the disks which could be added to the controller ?
Would I be able to allocate 2 more disks to the spareset apart from adding 3 additional disks on the raidset R1 ?
Addition of the disks to the controller and raidset can be done while the system running and without disruption of any services ?

My current firmware version of the controller is V27D-1

Uwe Zessin
Honored Contributor

Re: Disk addition

The maximum number of disk drives per Raid(5)Set is, if I remember correctly: 14. Unfortunately, you cannot dynamically add single disk drives to existing storage sets to expand their capacity. Some more modern HSx controllers allow a one-time concatination of storage sets of the same type, but I am afraid the HSD series do not have that feature.

You only way is to:
- backup all data
- DELETE the unit and the RaidSet
- create a new RaidSet with the ADD command
- INITIALIZE the RaidSet to write new metadata
- ADD the unit
- restore all data

I haven't heard that there is a limit on the number of disk drives in the spare set, so you should be fine, here.