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Distributed NetBeans

Kjell Carlsson
Frequent Advisor

Distributed NetBeans

I am trying Distributed NetBeans IDE together with the Fortran language. My problem is that code indentation does not work for multiple line IF-statements.

NetBeans version 5.5.1
Module version distnbopenvms55_v55_100.nbm

Any experience and solutions?

//kjell carlsson

Willem Grooters
Honored Contributor

Re: Distributed NetBeans

Neither, but the releasenotes should contain an email address to supply feedback (and knowing the engineer in charge. she's happy to get it). Anyway, if you don't use the latest release, I suggest you try that first; your problem _may_ be solved with that.
Willem Grooters
OpenVMS Developer & System Manager
Subramanian Murugesan
Occasional Visitor

Re: Distributed NetBeans

I replied to your mail query the same reply given below:

We would like to get this code block which has multiple IF-statements.

Indentation tips may be useful if not known already:

In NetBeans IDE Tools Menu -> Option menu item -> Editor icon -> Indentation tab has following options:

Expand Tab to spaces
Add leading star in comment
Add new line before brace
Add space before parenthesis

Also 'Reformat code" (select a block of code in editor, and right click -> Reformat code) operation aligns the code properly.

Subramanian Murugesan
Occasional Visitor

Re: Distributed NetBeans

This problem is reproducible in Distributed NetBeans v5.5 release. It is planned to be addressed in the next release.

It can be sorted by having single-line IF statement and then do reformat code operation. Otherwise manual format has to be done to the code block under the multi-line IF statement.