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Distributed NetBeans

Kjell Carlsson
Frequent Advisor

Distributed NetBeans


The server suddenly ends accepting connections and a restart does not help. This is the log from the startup:
Preparing to launch distributed IDE Server...
Defining TZ as CET
P1 = "FAST"
Checking sys$manager:java$150_setup.com...
Calling Java setup procedure SYS$COMMON:[SYSMGR]JAVA$150_SETUP.COM;2 HOTSPOT JOB
%DCL-I-SUPERSEDE, previous value of JAVA$TIMED_READ_USE_QIO has been superseded
Launching Secure RMI registry...
JAVA_SWITCHES = " -Dide_verbose_log=true "-Dsun.rmi.dgc.server.gcInterval=120000" -V "
RMIREG_JAVA_SWITCHES = " -Dide_verbose_log=true -V "
RMI_PORT = "1099"
Launching RMI Registry Server on RMI port 1099
%DCL-S-SPAWNED, process IDE$RMIREG spawned
Secure RMI registry launched...
Launching Distributed IDE Server on RMI port 1099
2010/02/26 11:58:02 AM CET:ServerStarter starting... with RMI port(1099)
2010/02/26 11:58:07 AM CET:DistNBServerSocketFactory::createSocket:#1
2010/02/26 11:58:07 AM CET:DistNBServerSocketFactory::createSocket:#2
2010/02/26 11:58:09 AM CET:DistNBServerSocketFactory::createSocket:#3
2010/02/26 11:58:09 AM CET:Binding to DistNBRemoteLoginServer
2010/02/26 11:58:09 AM CET:prv003.5: prv003.5

The last part differs from an earlier success:
2009/11/11 16:04:50 PM CET:ServerStarter starting... with RMI port(1099)
2009/11/11 16:04:50 PM CET:DistNBServerSocketFactory::createSocket:#1
2009/11/11 16:04:55 PM CET:DistNBServerSocketFactory::createSocket:#2

2009/11/11 16:04:55 PM CET:DistNBServerSocketFactory::createSocket:#3
2009/11/11 16:04:55 PM CET:Binding to DistNBRemoteLoginServer
2009/11/11 16:04:59 PM CET:DistNBRemoteLoginServer bound in registry
2009/11/11 16:04:59 PM CET:daemon thread created
2009/11/11 16:05:59 PM CET:checking on user servers
2009/11/11 16:06:59 PM CET:checking on user servers

What's the meaning of the last line of the failed startup;
2010/02/26 11:58:09 AM CET:prv003.5: prv003.5


Honored Contributor

Re: Distributed NetBeans

NB gets tangled pretty easily, and I've spent a fair chunk of time chasing these cases.

As a test, shut NB down, and (re)start NB only as the SYSTEM user. From the department of superstitious software fixes, I use a small SUBMIT /USER procedure as part of this restart, as I've encountered various issues when NB is not invoked as and running in its "most familiar context."

Check that you're current on ECO kits, too.

I also dig around for (other) log files. NB has an unfortunate tendency to scatter its logs around when things go weird.

Swapnil Potnis
Occasional Visitor

Re: Distributed NetBeans


Can you please send the user log file for the time when the "2010/02/26 11:58:09 AM CET:prv003.5: prv003.5" error appears in the server log file.
This would help to locate the error.

Kjell Carlsson
Frequent Advisor

Re: Distributed NetBeans


It was not possible to connect to the NBserver and wherfore there is no user log file. The error appears in the NBserver log without any user connection tries.

The problem started with a situation where users were not allowed to connect. NBserver did not accept the valid login information.

Then I restarted the NBserver using a script running in batch mode and user=system. This failed and ended with 2010/02/26 11:58:09 AM CET:prv003.5: prv003.5. I tried the restart several times with no luck.

After that I restarted the computer and then NBserver works normally again. But this is not a solution I am happy about.

Integrity with OpenVMS V8.3-1H1.

Kjell Carlsson
Frequent Advisor

Re: Distributed NetBeans