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Dump of a process

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Dump of a process

How to get a dump of a process ?

set proc/id=208000AB/dump is working but cannot get the dump file in sys$login.

Richard Whalen
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Re: Dump of a process

For VMS V7 and later you can do SET PROC/ID=/DUMP=NOW to get the process to dump asap.
Jan van den Ende
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Re: Dump of a process


to begin with:

WELCOME to the VMS forum!

Your question:

the dump is ALWAYS written to the current default directory _OF THE DUMPING PROCESS_.

Think about it a bit:
- most probably SYS$LOGIN for the dumping process is different from that for the process issuing the SET command
- it is not (should not be) normally possible for the dumping process to write in another user's SYS$LOGIN.

Although WRITE access is not guaranteed for the executing process, it is at least much more likely.

If necessary, it is of course possible to do a SET DEF to the desired directory for the executing process (after checking/making sure of WRITE permission)



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Volker Halle
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Re: Dump of a process


$ SET PROC/ID=xxx/DUMP jsut sets the DUMP bit in the process. This will cause a process dump to be written, if the image terminates because of an unhandled condition(sometine in the future...)

To force a process dump, you need to specify /DUMP=NOW. Not that this will NOT terminate the image, but just force a process dump file to be written.