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Emulator/Simulator for IA64

Bill Pedersen
Regular Advisor

Re: Emulator/Simulator for IA64

I agree with Volker as to don't worry about Integrity/Itanium for now. Just worry about getting comfortable with VMS. You can obtain OpenVMS licenses for learning/hobbyist activities via the www.OpenVMSHobbyist.com site. There is no charge for the licensing, you will need to join DECUServe, which is another good source for information.

This should give you the ability to setup and testing some emulators in an Network Interconnect (NI) cluster - i.e. ethernet clustering.

Bill Pedersen
CCSS - Computer Consulting System Services, LLC
Honored Contributor

Re: Emulator/Simulator for IA64

>I never get a chance in any organization to configure cluster and tcpip so i am curious to learn those.

VAX or Alpha emulation (via the Stromasys PersonalAlpha or CHARON packages, or via simh) or (real, low-cost) VAX or Alpha hardware will get you to that particular goal, as can variously-available (low-cost) Integrity hardware.

>Someone advised me about PA so i put a question here but i dont have much idea how to setup NI & Cluster on PA.

Ask that same someone for what they meant here, as there seem to be some miscommunications lurking.

>Can we get free license for virtual media when i tried to configure my laptop drive as virtual media to install vms on one of our integrity nodes its showing "Feature not Licensed" on ILO(browser).

No; this is an Integrity firmware and hardware question (and not part of the OpenVMS Hobbyist program) and AFAIK HP doesn't offer free licenses for the advanced features for iLO or iLO 2, and b: this sequence is squarely in commercial territory.

If you want to do an OpenVMS-style bare-hardware installation (with a served disk), then another approach uses the host-based InfoServer and not the vMedia tools. The vMedia stuff particularly does bare-media Windows and such, and OpenVMS has had this bare-metal install with InfoServer devices and with the newer host-based InfoServer support that arrived with OpenVMS V8.3.

I'd suggest getting your business organization associated with DSPP of you're reselling software or services or such; with the HP partner program, and continuing with that approach rather than using hobbyist licenses here. Also get your manager involved here, as getting some gear in for training purposes and for testing and prototyping also seems appropriate; that cost will be a trade-off between the acquisition costs and more efficient and stable operations; a better-trained and better-experienced staff.