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Enabling TCPIP Service automatically

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Enabling TCPIP Service automatically


I've been doing some testing with the Nagios NRPE plugin for OpenVMS. As part of the installation process one has to configure and run a "NRPED" TCPIP service. However, I've noticed that the service is not automatically restarted after a stopping/starting TCPIP or a system reboot. So, my question what is the best way to restart it? The TCPIP manual mentions creating a SYS$STARTUP:TCPIP$SYSTARTUP.COM. Is this the best method?

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Re: Enabling TCPIP Service automatically

Best here is obviously subject to discussion.

The best way would probably be via inetd; have it start automatically when a request arrives. So the user has to do little or nothing.

Next best, yes, via one of the startup procedures. Here either TCPIP$SYSTARTUP.COM or SYSTARTUP_VMS.COM.

I mention the latter particularly because it's more familiar to inexperienced OpenVMS users, and you can treat the daemon as a package with a package-specific startup. Which means you have to explain less stuff.

Here, I'd probably go with inetd or (as a bog-standard PCSI or VMSINSTAL kit with a bog-standard startup command procedure requirement that gets added into SYSTARTUP_VMS.COM.

I would test for IP in the NRPED$STARTUP.COM procedure, and flag an error, or would test for and wait for IP within the daemon. This on the off chance somebody doesn't read the directions and place the startup after the IP startup.

The other advantage of having a bog-standard product startup in a bog-standard place (SYSTARTUP_VMS) is that you're not tied to a particular IP stack in your documentation.

I'd suggest you register the NRPED$ prefix with HP (or whatever you might want to use), if you want to make this look yet more like OpenVMS. There's a facility registration email contact address in the FAQ; that is (was?) the path to getting your own prefix.

I may well turn this reply into a posting over at the web site; it's an intriguing question. (There's already a little Nagios stuff over there.)

Jess Goodman
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Re: Enabling TCPIP Service automatically

It might be as easy as this command:


Not intuitively obvious, I know. Related commands:

I have one, but it's personal.
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Re: Enabling TCPIP Service automatically

I tried the TCPIP SET CONFIG ENABLE SERVICE NRPED without success. I'll investigate the TCPIP$SYSTARTUP.COM or SYSTARTUP_VMS.COM route. Thanks for both your replies!
Robert Gezelter
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Re: Enabling TCPIP Service automatically


Personally, I would be tempted to combine the two preceding suggestions.

I would create a file SYS$STARTUP:_STARTUP.COM (and for completeness, a null SYS$STARTUP:SYSTARTUP.COM [the latter possibly in the SYS$SPECIFIC tree rather than the SYS$COMMON tree]. I would then add this to the STARTUP database using SYSMAN STARTUP ADD FILE _STARTUP.COM/MODE=SPAWN/PHASE=.

In this command file, I would check if the service is running. If it is not, I would then start it, and preferably add it to the TCPIP configuration.

I would add it to them TCPIP configuration for the purpose of TCPIP restarts, which DO NOT require a reboot. Otherwise, a TCPIP shutdown might result in the service being overlooked.

Adding files to the STARTUP database is documented under SYSMAN. I also did a DECUS presentation on the entitled "SYSMAN For Improved Restart Performance" at the 1999 DECUS Symposium (slides available via http://www.rlgsc.com/decus/usf99/index.html ).

- Bob Gezelter, http://www.rlgsc.com
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Re: Enabling TCPIP Service automatically

Thanks for all your help again.