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Encrypted LD logical disks

Jon Pinkley
Honored Contributor

Re: Encrypted LD logical disks

RE:"With our modern storage array systems it is possible to remove and replace a shadow volume and carry it off site without immediately alerting someone about the security failure. Encryption would make this less useful."

That assumes the person that is making unauthorized copies of the disks does not have access to the keys used for encryption.

Hopefully the sites that don't "pass out privileges like candy" also limit physical access to the computer room.

I agree it would be nice for VMS to provide encrypted volumes, but I don't think it would add much protection under normal computer room conditions. If the disks are being used for data transfer between sites, then having the data encrypted makes sense, otherwise it's a bit like putting a deadbolt on a screen door. If you need encryption to protect the data disks in your computer room, you have bigger problems to deal with.

it depends