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Encryption 1.6

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Jerry Rieman

Encryption 1.6

Forgive me if this has been answered elsewhere -

I did my upgrade to 8.2 over the weekend. No real problems. VMS documentation says encryption 1.6 is now part of the base VMS operating system under 8.2. However, after I install Encryption 1.6, it says it requires a license to run. That does not surprise me as version 1.6 and its associated SPD is from 2001. Do I need to go to support for a license on this? Is it a freebie? Thanks for your help.
Steven Schweda
Honored Contributor

Re: Encryption 1.6

I don't know anything, but I see it only in
the "New Features and Documentation Overview"
for V8.3:


If it's in V8.2, I missed it:


(Which may not prove much, of course.)
John Gillings
Honored Contributor

Re: Encryption 1.6


I think there may be multiple "ENCRYPT V1.6" kits. You should find one on the layered products CD which shipped with V8.2. Look for:


When installed, this kit should not require a PAK.

For V8.3, no installation is necessary as the product is integrated with OpenVMS.
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Jerry Rieman

Re: Encryption 1.6


Your direction did the job. I was using the master index that came with 8.2 to find the appropriate CD. Unfortunately, that index only pointed to the old encrypt.

I did indeed find the correct version on the layered product CD and all is now working as I had hoped.

Many thanks for your assistance.
Jerry Rieman

Re: Encryption 1.6

As noted - John's comments solved my problem.
Iouri Sverdlov
Occasional Visitor

Re: Encryption 1.6

Hello everyone,

I know this thread has been closed, but I've encountered exactly the same problem and would greatly appreciate any help as to where to find the ENCRYPT 1.6 by HP? The SPL CDs contain the Compaq's product only...

Ian Miller.
Honored Contributor

Re: Encryption 1.6

Look for the layered products CD which shipped with V8.2
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