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Error Analyze/error_log

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Error Analyze/error_log

We had a system failure. We are trying to understand why and I get this error when running the analyze/error_log command.
I think DECevent is already installed on the system.

The system is OpenVMS V7.2-2.

%ERF-F-CEHFND, New header format found. Install DECevent and run conversion utility
Steven Schweda
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Re: Error Analyze/error_log

> %ERF-F-CEHFND [...]

One of the less informative messages.

On the other hand, "HELP DECevent" might
easily lead to "HELP DIAGNOSE".
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Re: Error Analyze/error_log

The section on DECevent in the OpenVMS FAQ has an old link for DECevent, but (having just tried it) the link still works. The most recent version of the FAQ is here:


The cited service tool downloads area is here:


On a more recent OpenVMS version, you have access to the ELV mechanism, which is a way to get at the core errors without installing the DECevent package and its DIAGNOSE command or installing the System Event Analyzer. (And sometimes you need to have two or three of these error tools installed.) ELV was added circa OpenVMS V7.3-2. (On these newer releases, ANALYZE /ERROR /ELV is the DCL command)

And in general, Google can be your friend here, too, and can get you answers faster than posting questions in ITRC. And for a minimal investment. For instance:


This search finds various of the resources and existing discussions of this CEHFND error message from the ANALYZE /ERROR tool.