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Error Booting VMS 8.3

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Error Booting VMS 8.3

Good morning everyone.

After years of reading forum messages this is my first post.

I have upgraded two identical (as far as I know) ALPHA 4100's to VMS 8.3. The first is running fine, but the second won't boot from it's system disk (booting from VMS CD is fine).

I get the following error shortly after booting :

"error mounting system device, status = 0072832C"

The system then stops with a bugcheck :

"Bugcheck 0000036C PROCGONE, process not in system"

Looking at the error logs on the other nodes in the cluster, the failed machine joined the cluster, then contact was lost, all within a second or so.

Any help gratefully received.


John Harper
Karl Rohwedder
Honored Contributor

Re: Error Booting VMS 8.3


a 0072832C errorcode indictaes:

%MOUNT-F-DIFVOLMNT, different volume already mounted on this device

Do you use host based shadowing? Maybe the 2nd node wants to create a shadowset with a different member than already mounted in the cluster?

regards Kalle
Joseph Huber_1
Honored Contributor

Re: Error Booting VMS 8.3

The message translated is:

write sys$output f$message(%x0072832C)
%MOUNT-F-DIFVOLMNT, different volume already mounted on this device

Probably before upgrading/shutdown, You did not mount the system disk in question, did not do a complete shutdown, or did not dismount on some other node.

Try to locate which node still has the disk mounted, and do a dismount using options
/abort and/or
/force and or
depending on how the disk is connected/shadowed/verified.

The last resort is to shutdown the whole cluster...

Re: Error Booting VMS 8.3

Kalle, Joseph

You are totally correct. I had the system disk mounted on another node. Once dismounted the system booted just fine.

Many thanks,

John Harper