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Error Code In Print Queue

Ken Reighard
Occasional Visitor

Error Code In Print Queue

My client is printing to a Zebra 140XI Printer. A label is missing and this message appears when the print queue is examined?
Does anyone know what %NONAME-E-NOMSG, Message number 07649FA2 is? Is the code something from the printer?


[WMS,W1BELLS]BELLS>sh que wms$cross/all/full
Server queue WMS$CROSS, idle, on EVIE::, mounted form DEFAULT

Entry Jobname Username Blocks Status
----- ------- -------- ------ ------
W1BELLS 4 Retained on error
%NONAME-E-NOMSG, Message number 07649FA2
Submitted 2-JUN-2005 07:19:56.36 /FORM=DEFAULT /PRIORITY=100
Completed 2-JUN-2005 07:20:19.88 on queue WMS$CROSS

Volker Halle
Honored Contributor

Re: Error Code In Print Queue


07649FA2 does not seem to be a valid OpenVMS system service failure or status code.

Which processor is operating this queue ? I do not recognize the name: TCPIP$LR in your SHO QUE/FULL/ALL output. Does SYS$SYSTEM:TCPIP$LR.EXE exist on your system ?


Karl Rohwedder
Honored Contributor

Re: Error Code In Print Queue

The error translates to:
Error 07649FA2 (%D124034978) located in SYS$COMMON:[SYSMSG]TCPIP$MSG.EXE;1

Pls. check chapter 24 of the TCPIP mgmt. manual at: http://h71000.www7.hp.com/doc/732final/6526/6526pro.HTML
There are some hints on getting debug info and OPCOM messages to further analyze your problem.

regards Kalle
Edwin Gersbach_2
Valued Contributor

Re: Error Code In Print Queue

Message %X07649FA2 is:

The !AS indicates that this message is usually formatted with FAO system directive and some additional text is supplied there. Unfortunately this additional information is lost.

Anyway, it seems that the line printer daemon has problems with a file. If you have turned on auditing there might be something in there. Also check the error log for disk read errors.