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Error during backup

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Regular Advisor

Error during backup


We are running OpenVMS 7.3-2 on 3x DS25s and 1 Xp 1000 on a single system disk in the main server.

We have an external tape drive SDLT 320/160 attached to the main server and we often run tape backups.

We started a backup operation yesterday using tape_1 and
got the following error during the operation..
%BACKUP-F-POSITERR, error positioning TP0:[000000]00004643_IMA.SAV;
-SYSTEM-F-OPINCOMPL, operation is incomplete
starting... done

FATAL-ERROR: copying files
MESSAGE: %BACKUP-F-POSITERR, error positioning !AS
CODE: 279150868
Program stopped
%DCL-W-SKPDAT, image data (records not beginning with "$") ignored
XXXXXX job terminated at 3-MAY-2007 17:06:46.38

Accounting information:
Buffered I/O count: 758 Peak working set size: 6352
Direct I/O count: 125 Peak virtual size: 172080
Page faults: 628 Mounted volumes: 1
Charged CPU time: 0 00:00:00.10 Elapsed time: 0 00:03:44.11

In the past it was explained to me that this is a problem with the tape catridge.

So I used a different tape_2 (same model of course SDLT 160/320) and it gave same error message.

One additional observation was that

When tape_1 was inserted the tape drive indicated an 'error' light. When the tape_1 was removed and tape_2 was inserted this 'error' light got turned off.

I suspect the tape drive is causing problems

Any thoughts comments ?
Volker Halle
Honored Contributor

Re: Error during backup


does SHOW ERROR show a non-zero error count for the tape device ? If so, analyze the errorlog using DECevent (or SEA).

Regular Advisor

Re: Error during backup

My apologies.

I was misinformed. We only had problem with one tape. I used a new tape and it is working fine.

Thank you for your time.

Dean McGorrill
Valued Contributor

Re: Error during backup

I'm no expert on tapes, but we've had
some problems in the field. I told the
remote person to clean the drive well, and
try new tapes. So far so good for us. dean