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Error on backup

Peter Clarke
Regular Advisor

Error on backup


I recently had a problem with the tape drive on my Alpha ES40.The drive was swapped out by the engineer on friday but will still not backup (see attached log file).


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Re: Error on backup

Call the technician back. And while he is still here, do a backup with verify :-)
Kris Clippeleyr
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Re: Error on backup


To complement Gerard's advice, also use a cleaning tape before the backup, and use a brand new tape cartridge (not a re-used one) the first time.
See if that helps.

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Ian Miller.
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Re: Error on backup

error positioning could mean the head needs cleaning or that the drive is faulty. Either way get the field engineer back and don't let him go until a successfully backup with verify has been performed.

(BTW - reconsider the use of /IGNORE=INTERLOCK - its a Bad Thing - see the wise words of the Wizard http://h71000.www7.hp.com/wizard/wiz_2467.html)
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Jan van den Ende
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Re: Error on backup

Yes, Peter.

I tend to fully agree with Gerard & Kris.

But first...

You MAY try using a new tape first:

%BACKUP-F-POSITERR, error positioning MKA400:[000000]DKA2.SAV;

That means that the tape unit can not determine the correct position to start writing.

That ao. occurs when your tape is faulty.

But, the default for BACKUP on writing to tape is /NOrewind. Now I am speculating that this is NOT the first saveset on the tape, and, if the previous backup to this tape did NOT do a nice, complete final processing,
(is it the same tape that caused the problem the first time, making you to get the engeneer in?) then the tape does not HAVE a position where the next write can begin, and so NO unit will EVER find that position!.
If that should be the case, then this tape can be READ, up to the point where the previous write failed, but it can only be written again after a (maybe implicit) INIT.

So, IF you can use the unit on a new tape, and IF you are prepared to loose the data currently on the tape, THEN the tape can probably be used again after INIT (or BACKUP/REWIND).

If you are still prepared to trust this tape again, only you can decide...

And be sure to follow Kris's advice: USE the cleaning tape (often enough!).

Have one on me.

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Mohamed K Ahmed
Trusted Contributor

Re: Error on backup

clean up the tape drive
John Gillings
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Re: Error on backup


VMS732_FIBRE_SCSI-V0400 is due out in the next week or so. It has an MKDRIVER fix for a spurious POSITERR. Although it doesn't looks like an exact match, it might be worth trying.
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