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External LDAP authentication with OpenVMS 8.3

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External LDAP authentication with OpenVMS 8.3

I have several questions:

According to the 8.3 "New Features" section, the images for external LDAP authentication are included with the base install but are pre-production. Any word on when production-stable images will be available?

Is LDAP authentication something we can use on a per-user basis, or is it all-or-nothing? We have contractors and work-study students with native VMS accounts but for whom we don't have LDAP accounts. Plus, we may want the option to enable LDAP authentication gradually until we're comfortable with how it works.

Finally, when using external LDAP authentication with OpenVMS, what happens when a user logs into OpenVMS using a newly expired password? Are they prompted by OpenVMS to change that password?
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Re: External LDAP authentication with OpenVMS 8.3

Partial answer - external authentication is enabled on a per use basis with a flag on the username.

From the notes in slide 21 of the VMS roadmap - "In OpenVMS Alpha V8.2, we provided an Alternative Login/out image that will allow for non-VMS style authentications to be understood on OpenVMS. A LDAP AND Kerberos ACME agent is also provided. These are ready for production with V8.3 by applying a patch kit."

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