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FTP vs. SFTP behavior differences

Joseph Huber_1
Honored Contributor

Re: FTP vs. SFTP behavior differences

To add to my previous reply:
STUNNEL is the software I would prefer (not knowing Windows implementations), because it can be setup permanently as a service.
The same can be achieved with an SSH port forwarding. The result is the same:
The data transfer is through FTP, so the file format/size problem is avoided.
Jon Pinkley
Honored Contributor

Re: FTP vs. SFTP behavior differences

I just saw this on Hunter Goatley's FILESERV site when I was looking for something else. It doesn't specifically answer your question, but it has some good info on the alternative methods to provide secure file transfer over the internet.

it depends
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Re: FTP vs. SFTP behavior differences

Many thanks for all the suggestions and comments.

The situation is that the file format is fixed (an ISO standard), and it is not practical at this time to change the tools used to create and access this file on OpenVMS. Furthermore, the remote user needing access to this file is connecting via a VPN where the firewall only allows SSH through (which is why FTP won't work).

However, the remote user also has access to our Unix systems. Therefore, as a workaround, they are using FTP between the OpenVMS system and the Unix system to get the file onto Unix, and are then using SFTP from the Unix system to their PC (through the VPN firewall). Yes, I know, it's convoluted, but that's what is currently in place.

Thanks again!