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Fibre Channel HBA Identification

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Mario Abruzzi

Fibre Channel HBA Identification

How can I identify the exact make and model of a fibre channel HBA without shutting the system down or physically inspecting the adapter? An example HBA might be an Emulex (Light Pulse) LP9000.
Ian Miller.
Honored Contributor

Re: Fibre Channel HBA Identification


and see what it tells you
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Uwe Zessin
Honored Contributor

Re: Fibre Channel HBA Identification

Can't check right now, but I would try:

$ show device/full FG

or, like Ian wrote:

$ analyze /system
SDA> clue config

But the operating system might call it FCA2354 or DS-KGPSA-DA instead of an LP9002.
Eberhard Wacker
Valued Contributor

Re: Fibre Channel HBA Identification

As Ian and Uwe told clue config gives you the exact information (at least on V7.3-2):

Device Name / HW-Id
KGPSA-** (Emulex LP9000)


Uwe Zessin
Honored Contributor

Re: Fibre Channel HBA Identification

Sorry, but if 'KGPSA-**' really is the output from VMS, then I would not call this 'exact' information. There are/were several models sold under "KGPSA": KGPSA-BC, DS-KGPSA-CA, DS-KGPSA-DA, DS-KGPSA-EA.

But as far as I can tell, from the LP9000 series only one model is used: LP9002L.
Andy Bustamante
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Re: Fibre Channel HBA Identification

You can also look for the field replacable unit (FRU) entries in the error log. These entries vary in reliablity from release to release.

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Re: Fibre Channel HBA Identification

Maybe something usefull can be found in the FC commands in the SDA :

$ ana /sys
SDA> fc


sda> fc show dev fga0:
Graham Jagger
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Re: Fibre Channel HBA Identification

SDA> fc show dev fga will get you the firmware revision if you need it.

SDA> clue config gets you the Emulex model number.

a plain $ show dev fga0 /ful will get you the WWN.

As far as the parts they are Emulex. The older 1GB single port cards are LP8000. The 2Gb cards as LP9000 if it is a single port and LP9002 if it is a dual-port card.

Since you can download the firmware updates from HP support I'm not sure what else you really need.

I use Emulex cards in our Dell NT/Linux and Sun Solaris machines for EMC storage. Those are the Emulex LP10000DC-E, dual channel 2GB with EMC firmware.

When I get chance I'm going to flash one with HPs firmware for VMS and see if it will work. It would be nice to have 1 fiber card that will work for almost all of the servers I have to connect to the SANs and Storage arrays we use.

I did try a Qlogic 2200 card once in an Alpha ES40 and it wouldn't recognize it at the OS level. But the console firmware knew what it was.