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For those using Apache on OpenVMS or Linux

Ph Vouters
Valued Contributor

For those using Apache on OpenVMS or Linux

Two very recent technical papers of interest about Apache on OpenVMS/Linux:

In the second one, look at the REFERENCES section at the sentences between parenthesis which led me to wrongly suspect a Apache cache problem.

In the hope this can help some of you dealing with Web sites served by Apache.
Yours truly,

Ph Vouters
Valued Contributor

Re: For those using Apache on OpenVMS or Linux

Three follow-ups on my Web site to these Apache studies. I have been working for a VMS user willing to internationalize his Web site and neither having lots of financial means nor human resources to dedicate to this project.

1/ Detecting the remote browser default language setting:
This uses JavaScript (Ajax) + PHP

2/ Redirecting to different Web site DNS names - Geolocalisation + browser language:
This uses JavaScript (Ajax) + PHP

3/ DCL, HP GNV, SWS Apache and symlinks
The success of symlinks instead of regular Web content should only depend
upon SWS Apache and its ability to fully dereference symlinks. The goal is to not uselessly multiply Web content (via DCL copy or set file/enter) further easing the Web site maintenance.

In the hope you'll find interest with.