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Forms and CDD OpenVMS I64

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Forms and CDD OpenVMS I64

I am doing a migration from OpenVMS 7.3-2 Alpha to OpenVMS 8.3 I64
I have some minor problems, but actualy I have a big problem :
I use Forms and CDD/repository
for Alpha forms 3.3 and CDD 7.0A
for I64 forms 4.0 with patch found on ITRC and CDD
I have not tested Forms 4.0 in Alpha

The forms are created by FORMS TRANSLATE file.IFDL
and in the IFDL file there are multiple Copy xxx from dictionary.
VMS 7.3-2 OK
VMS 8.3 I64 for the first copy it's OK and for the next one I have
FORMS-E-CDDEXTRACT,error extracting record xxx from CDD/Plus
The record exists, MC DMU list xxx OK
If I change the order of the copy in IFDL file, it's the second and
after where there is the problem.
For example Cobol with multiple copy works wll.

Do you know this problem and a solution ? Thanks.
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Re: Forms and CDD OpenVMS I64

not in the good forum