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Fortran compilers

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Fortran compilers

I have a program that was compiled with Fortran and I don't seem to have Fortran installed on the system. Can I use any Fortran compiler to re-compile? Is there one that you would recommend?

Thanks for your assistance
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Re: Fortran compilers

Name, Rank, Serialnumber?

that is...
- what Operating System? (VMS I guess)
- what Platform? (Alpha I guess)
- what versions
- game or hobby or production usage?

The simple answer is to ask your system manager to activate/install a licenced Fortran compiler. Sit back, relax and use when ready.

As an alternative, you may want to consider pubilcally accesible OpenVMS systems.

- HP testdrive for Itanium / Professional use
- EISNER for Decus/Encompass .. and friend
- DEATHROW for ??? Hackers? :-)

Google is your friend.

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Re: Fortran compilers


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Re: Fortran compilers

Where would we have to place the compiler? Also we are using Openvms 7-1.2 ALpha server.

Sorry for not including this information.
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Re: Fortran compilers

You guys deserve A LOT of points you have helped me greatly. I will take the time to assign the points asap.
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Re: Fortran compilers


Where would we have to place the compiler?

Unless you are VERY tight on your system disk space (in which case I think yoy should address THAT issue first, considering current disk prices!) you can just accept the installation default, which is, to install in the system COMMON area.

Normally, do not do anything fancy, accept installatin defaults (EXCEPT automatic PURGE after installation!) and everything will work out just fine.



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Don't rust yours pelled jacker to fine doll missed aches.