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GEMBASE Licensing

John Welsh_2
Regular Advisor

GEMBASE Licensing

Hi all,
 I am involved in a project to migrate a VMS Alpha 4100 system ( VMS 
 V7.1-1H2 ) to an emulator.

When I first booted on the emulator GEMBASE  printed a warning about the
CPU licensing   ("  %LICMAN-W-NOT_LICENSED, This CPU is not licensed to run

GEMBASE. Please license it. "  )  and then gives 22 days grace period to
run Gembase before the license completely expires.

Does anyone know what the GEMBASE license utility looks at in the system 
to determine  if the hardware is the original ?
I have duplicated in the emulator  what I thought the license needs and it didn't have
any effect on the licensing.


   - System serial #.
   - System SID.  ( The emulator and the physical system have the same SID of
   - CPU type ( AlphaServer 4100 5/466 4MB )
   - System Marketing Model ( 1599 is what the customer's machine shows )
   - MAC address matches the customers.
I re-restored the original system image backup then applied the above 
changes  before booting as Gembase makes permanent changes to the license if
it sees that the system is different.
Also the customer has previously done DR testing on an identical
physical AS4100 and had no license issues so the Serial # and MAC address don't come 
into it.
Any help would be appreciated.


Brad McCusker
Respected Contributor

Re: GEMBASE Licensing



We are a Charon emulation reseller - this problem is not uncommon.  I can't speak for GEMBASE specifically, but my guess is that you need the XSID:  F$GETSYI("XSID").


If that doesn't work, let me know, I can do some more digging to see if we've come across GEMBASE specifically in the past.


Brad McCusker

Software Concepts International


Brad McCusker
Software Concepts International
Paul Jerrom
Valued Contributor

Re: GEMBASE Licensing

Ross Systems produced Gembase, they were bought out by CDC. Their licenses are linked to all sorts of things, including SID, CPUs, and I believe memory and disk config,  and even for DR purposes you need to run the license facility on the target server, generate a string of codes, send them to CDC and then receive a load more codes to input on the target server. You may need to go through your Gembase (now Userbase) reseller, but you should have the procedure for your DR planning.

Have fun,

If it can't be done with a VT220, who needs it?
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Re: GEMBASE Licensing

Hi John

I'm trying to get hold of a copy of the GEMBASE User and/or Reference Manual. Any idea how I might achieve this?


Appreciate your assistance.