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Ghostscript update

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Ghostscript update

I wanted to ping the community to see if anyone has worked on getting the latest version of ghostscript working on OpenVMS (before I start doing so). It seems the last working version was ghostscript 8.54. The latest ghostscript version is 9.02 and there has been a lot of changes. I just don't want to duplicate someone else' effort (and also it looks like there IS A LOT of work needed to catch up).
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Re: Ghostscript update

You might want to take a look at joukj's excellent free software porting page:


I suppose there is a more recent version of Ghostcript in there (though not 9.02).

All joukj's work is on alpha but we have succesfully built many of his packages on I64 as well (unfortunately not Ghostscript 9).