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HELP!!! Pathworks and AD

Karen Lee_3
Frequent Advisor

HELP!!! Pathworks and AD

I am setting up a new pwrk 7.3a server with Adv. Directory. When I try to register the server as a client to the wins server, it's being rejected, even if they put it in as a static address or if I use LMHOST - we cannot figure out why the WINS Server won't see this box. I can't complete my pathworks configuration -

anybody out there who's done this before and would be willing to help.

John Abbott_2
Esteemed Contributor

Re: HELP!!! Pathworks and AD

Hi Karen, some background info would be useful.

Can you post;

The actual error msg
What eco version of pw advsvr are you using ?
How many network interfaces do you have ?
Are all the interfaces on the same network ?
Are there any errors in the pwrk$logs:*.log; files worth posting ? or does it fail during pwrk$config ?

Can you post the line entered into lmhosts.; so we can check the syntax

Don't do what Donny Dont does
Karen Lee_3
Frequent Advisor

Re: HELP!!! Pathworks and AD

OMG - this morning I logged in and the installation completed without errors - must have been a replication problem - or my NT tech's figured out the problem.

thanks anyway.

Duncan Morris
Honored Contributor

Re: HELP!!! Pathworks and AD

Hi Karen,

you may find this article from the HP Technical Journal useful.


Included in the article is a section on troubleshooting name resolution, as well as sections discussing various configurations.