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HP DECwindows Motif V1.6 setup

Derek Gorman
Occasional Contributor

HP DECwindows Motif V1.6 setup

I am running OpenVMS 8.3 on an Alphaserver DS10L and DECwindows Motif version 1.6. I have a few PC's each running an X-windows server that I would like to have automatically show the DECwindows login screen when the X server is started on the PC. The machines are connected using TCP/IP. How do I configure the DECwindows Motif startup on the Alphaserver (DECW$PRIVATE_APPS_SETUP?) to have that happen? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
Richard Whalen
Honored Contributor

Re: HP DECwindows Motif V1.6 setup

You need to enable the XDM service in your TCP/IP stack. (TCP/IP services, MultiNet and TCPware all provide this functionality.) Then you have to configure you X-windows server on the PC to use XDM. I know that this can be done with Xcursion, but you didn't say what server you are using and others may not have this functionality.