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HP OpenVMS/Alpha Pearl in the Press - Serverwatch


HP OpenVMS/Alpha Pearl in the Press - Serverwatch

"http://www.serverwatch.com/hreviews/article.php/3457021" (please click the URL)for the entire story

This is the latest article by Drew Robb

Hardware Today: HPC Server Snapshot

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Vast marketing budgets from the likes of Dell, Microsoft, and IBM ensure the behemoths take much of the server limelight, leaving high-performance computing (HPC) niche players, such as NEC and Bull, to receive scant coverage. Even a company like HP, which spends as much on marketing and public relations as a small country's GDP, hardly seems to give its AlphaServer line more than a mention. Yet, these platforms have a lot to offer and shouldn't be automatically bypassed.

This week, we'll take a look at HP's AlphaServers and offerings from NEC and Bull. We'll examine who's using them, what's new, and what can we expect in 2005?

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"The OpenVMS operating system is about to be introduced on Integrity (Itanium) systems," said Smith. "We are also about to introduce mixed clusters of Alpha and Integrity systems running the OpenVMS operating system." HP will soon be making an announcement about OpenVMS on Itanium 2, and a mixed cluster announcement is expected some time in February