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HP pop3 Server with MadGoat MX

Mark Iline
Occasional Advisor

HP pop3 Server with MadGoat MX

We've been using MadGoat MX with UCX, then HP TCPIP, along with IUPOP3 for quite some time.

For various reasons, I'm now looking at moving to the pop3 server that is part of HP TCPIP.

I've found that when downloading mail via the HP pop3 server, the headers & 'from' field were messed up.(eg from "MX%\"system@meng.ucl.ac.uk\""@hershy.meng.ucl.ac.uk ) Part of this was that I hadn't configured it properly…

I've defined "TCPIP$POP_IGNORE_MAIL11_HEADERS" = "TRUE", and discovered this only seems to be accepted if the HP SMTP server is also running on that node, with "/OPTION=TOP_HEADERS".

I'm now at the stage where the HP pop3 server will correctly upload mails that have been delivered to the VMS Mail file by HP SMTP; but messes up the headers if it has been delivered by MX. ['Messes up' = creates its own, and includes the real headers in with the body of the mail.]

Comparing the messages in the VMS Mail file, there isn't a lot of difference between them – though they have been delivered differently. I suspect that the significant difference is that one is from MX%"system@meng.ucl.ac.uk" whereas another is from, SMTP%"system@meng.ucl.ac.uk"; and the HP pop3 server only applies TCPIP$POP_IGNORE_MAIL11_HEADERS if the mail is from SMTP%.

This seems in-line with the documentation:

"The POP server sends these message headers to the POP client unless all of the following conditions are true:
• The TCPIP$POP_IGNORE_MAIL11_HEADERS logical name is defined (see Section 19.3).
• The From: address is an SMTP address.
• The SMTP qualifier /OPTION=TOP_HEADERS is set. "

Does this seem likely, 'in the view of the Panel' ?

That being the case, how do I persuade the pop server that "The From: address is an SMTP address. " ?

Is it worth trying to persuade MX to deliver with SMTP% addresses, rather than MX% addresses ?

[FWIW, it's easy enough to make SMTP% addressed mail to go via MX.]

[ HP TCP/IP Services for OpenVMS Alpha Version V5.6 - ECO 2
on an AlphaServer DS20 500 MHz running OpenVMS V8.2 ]