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HSG80, CMDSCRIPT and a hanging GS160...

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Richard Brock
Occasional Contributor

HSG80, CMDSCRIPT and a hanging GS160...

Hi all.

We have experienced a hanging GS160 when adding
a device using CMDSCRIPT on an HSG80 controller.
Here are some details:

The GS160 is running OpenVMS v7.3-2
The HSG80s are running the latest firmware rev
The node in question is running a command
which adds a unit at the controller running
Passed to CMDSCRIPT is a series of commands
with several delays before invoking a single command. Example:

add snap d95 disk10400 d14
delay 15
set d95 dis=all
delay 5
set d95 enable=phobos2a1,phobos1b1
delay 5
set d95 identifier=95

Last night, at the 'Add' command the GS160 hung requiring a reboot of the node. This does not happen often but every now and then.
Is this a timing issue? HSG saturation?
(No hardware errors are detected on the device
being added nor on the controller itself)

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

Richard Brock
Honored Contributor

Re: HSG80, CMDSCRIPT and a hanging GS160...

as you reboot, you should take a crash, and then you will have plenty of time to analyze and see why it was hanging.


Honored Contributor

Re: HSG80, CMDSCRIPT and a hanging GS160...

On a GS 160, you should install Amds or Availability manager anyway. And may be it will help. it is available at

Mike Naime
Honored Contributor

Re: HSG80, CMDSCRIPT and a hanging GS160...

How is your CMDSCRIPT connecting to the CLI of the HSG? Are you using HSZTERM$SCSIPAD.EXE? If so, do you also have a SAN appliance that is monitoring the same HSG? If so, both are attempting to use the same I/O channel into the HSG80 controller. while this would stomp on the others monitoring, it should not have hung your system.

According to the CLI manual, you do not need the SET D95 DIS=all This is the default when creating a snapshot unit.
VMS SAN mechanic