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HSG80 Controller and Disk Array

Ray Lee_2
Regular Advisor

HSG80 Controller and Disk Array

How do you sanitize an HSG80 Array and controllers? Old unit is being retired and we need to clean the drives of all of items data.

Jan van den Ende
Honored Contributor

Re: HSG80 Controller and Disk Array


that entirely depends on your security needs.

Low need: INIT

Not-so-low need: INIT/ERASE - needs patience (and if you CAN make them available to another platform, init or format or whatever from there too)

Medium need: INIT, and APPEND some binary file repeatedly till device-full. Repeat with one or more fifferent & different-sized file.

High need (like us): submit to a certified destruction facility for mechanical violence followed by incineration, all witnessed and declared so in writing by someone under official oath.

Like so often: the higher the security, the higher the cost.



Have one on me.

Don't rust yours pelled jacker to fine doll missed aches.
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Re: HSG80 Controller and Disk Array

$ ANALYZE MEDIA/EXERCISE=FULL will write three patterns over the entire disk. You can also specify your own patterns.
Petr Spisek
Regular Advisor

Re: HSG80 Controller and Disk Array

(device must be mounted as foreign).

Ray, if you don't have attached the HSG80 to server, it's posible to rebuild old disks to other raidsets and reinit (for example three times). It really depends on level of security what you need to keep.

Rick Dyson
Valued Contributor

Re: HSG80 Controller and Disk Array

I too have been told we must 'wipe' to DOD Level 3 and our HSG80/SAN is only OpenVMS.

Does anyone know of a utility to do this? I am afraid I am got to need to setup a Proliant with the right hot-swap drive bays, load windows and run one of the PC utilities available (like KillDisk) and do it that way.

Does anyone know if the above mentioned "Analyze /Media" or such would be equal to whatever DOD Level 3 is?