Halt code-5

Prashant Varma
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Halt code-5

Dear Sir,
We are using Open VMS version 7.1.2 on DS20 machine. We have two machine .When we are switching on the server-1 it starts booting automatically from DKA0 & during booting sequence gives message
Init_IO_DB-F-Load_Error, could not load PK driver none.exe status 0X00000910
Halted CPU0
halt code=5
boot failure

P000>>> prompts comes and if we give command boot dka0 then machine goes in to restart mode and again same message of cpu halt appears.

When we put the same DKA0 hard disk in another DS20 machine it boots properly after giving boot DKA0 command so we can say that our hard disk or loaded software is not corrupt.

The machine no-1 which fails to boot with this hard disk boots with another hard disk.

I am unable to figure out the reason for this both the hard disk are 18.5GB.

is there any setting in our machine -1 that makes its booting sequence default to dka0 just by switching on. Pl reply
Jan van den Ende
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Re: Halt code-5


to begin with: WELCOME to the VMS forum!

Your error status is: status 0X00000910.
That is the status code for "File not found".

You seem to have demonstrated that the drive is good.

If you have the drive _NOT_ in the system, and do a
P000>>> show dev
does that show DKA0 ?
Now put in the drive, and give the command again.
What changed?
My guess is that the slot you put the drive in, is NOT DKA0.
By comparing the outputs of the system WITH and WITHOUT the drive in place, you know the slot in this system.

Try to boot from there.
eg, assume the slot is DKB2,
P000>>> B DKB2

and please report back.



Have one on me.

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Prashant Varma
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Re: Halt code-5

many thaks for reply.
In the machine no-1 six hard disk can be installed and the lowest one is dka0.presently machine is running with the hard disk in lowest slot. i don't think it is a problem of slot location.
we tried with two hard disks and response is same & for your info bot these hard disks works perfectly in machine no-2.
we want to boot machine -1 with these hard disk as there are DVDRAW license are installled in this machine-1. without this license the HMI system doesn't work with this server.
Prashant Varma
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Re: Halt code-5

I want to share one more information, the hard disk which we are trying to use in machine no-1 is programmed in machine no-2 by booting m/c-2 with CD and using DAT tape for restoring backup.Is this the reason that the hard disk is made in second DS20 machine so it will not work in machine no-1.The hard disk size in capacity for both the machine is same.
The Brit
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Re: Halt code-5


For us old guys, it would still be reassuring to see that machine-1 sees when you put the disk in, i.e. to confirm that it sees DKA0.

Humour us (at least Jan and Me), and post the output from

>>> init
>>> show dev

with the disk in, and,

>>> init
>>> show dev

with the disk out.

thank you.

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Re: Halt code-5

Halt Code 5 indicates a HALT instruction was executed.

As stated, the %x910 code is the key here.

The PK %x910 error implies that this case is an unsupported SCSI controller, or a misconfigured SCSI controller. Either entirely unsupported, or unsupported by the version of OpenVMS on the disk, or not set for JBOD, or a driver or configuration file (for a device that's present on one of the DS20 boxes) that's missing or messed up.

Verify that the two AlphaServer DS20 configurations are identical. (I expect you'll find that they're not.)

Also ensure the particular SCSI controller supports 18 GB drives, and that the controller is configured for something other than JBOD here if it's a RAID controller.
Bob Blunt
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Re: Halt code-5

Prashant, neither Alpha system should care one bit about which disk it boots or what licenses you have loaded. System 1 should boot from the same system disk that system 2 can boot from (not at the same time, of course). If, as Hoff suspects, you have an incompatible (or bad) SCSI controller in one of the two systems that could cause the problem. You might also have a console boot flag set incorrectly on the system. You can check those by issuing the following command at the P00>>> prompt:


Compare the values listed for


They should be identical if your configuration is the same on both machines.

It would also help to have the output from:


Prashant Varma
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Re: Halt code-5

Dear Hoff,
In your reply you have written that booting problem may occur due to existing SCSI controller is unsupported by the version of OpenVMS on the disk.What is the solution for this.
Expecting a reply.
Duncan Morris
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Re: Halt code-5


you have not provided the important configuration details requested by previous responders.

at the minimum we would expect to see the output of




Are you sure that these are DS20 and not DS20e systems?

The KZPCA for example, requires a TIMA patch kit on the DS20e under VMS 7.1-2.

PCI 1-port Ultra2 (LVD) SCSI adapter, 32-bit, single-channel (uses one
PCI slot); includes internal 68-pin and external 68-pin HD connectors;
requires BN38C-xx cable to connect adapter to Ultra2 shelf; HSZxx RAID
controllers not supported. OpenVMS V7.1-2 requires Tima Kit: DECAXPVMS-VMS712_UPDATE-V0300â 4.PCSI

You need to check out the quickspecs for your servers to see the minimum versions of the operating system support for both the CPU and the devices.