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Re: Hardware command?

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Hardware command?

Allmighty OpenVMS gurus,


Is there a simple DCL command I can use to display the hardware model vendor/manufacturer of my OpenVMS system?

I need this for inventory/CMDB population together with other data.


Thank you!

Bob Blunt
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Re: Hardware command?

There are a number of lexical function arguments that can provide some model and architecture information.  As far as manufacturer?  That mostly depends on your model and it's definition.  It isn't likely that you're going to get much real information from an emulated or virtual system.  Check the F$GETSYI lexical function and it's arguments to see if you get the information you need.  The arguments are abbreviated but not impossible to figure out.

John McL
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Re: Hardware command?

I think you'll find that you can hard-code the vendor/manufacturer of all your OpenVMS systems. ;-)

Steve Begley
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Re: Hardware command?

Hi - there is also a free product call RCM (Revision and Configuration Manager which can be

downloaded here:




Although it is intended for Mission Critical custemers - you can use it to create snapshots of the



Hope this helps - regards,



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Re: Hardware command?


David R. Lennon
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Re: Hardware command?



Not to split hairs but (at one time) OpenVMS was supported (and/or ran, natively, not emulated) on systems not only manufactured by Digital/Compaq/HP but also Tadpole (ALPHAbook 1) and various "Alpha Server Clones" such as Aspen Systems and Carrera Computers.  I believe there were some also other vendors that took core VAX and Alpha boards and re-manufactured them into hardened mil-spec boxes.


The DS20L started out life as the API Networks C20, but code wasnot added in OpenVMS to handle that.


- Dave