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Heap Analyzer Crashes on 8.3

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Heap Analyzer Crashes on 8.3

Hi, this is my first question (also relatively new to OpenVMS).



followed by running an executable built and linked with debug results in an Access Violation. This happens for both trivial and complex executable code.

I have searched HP's site and the web but not found any pointers as yet. Any pointers gratefully received.



Re: Heap Analyzer Crashes on 8.3

I should have said that this is on Alpha and Itanium.

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Re: Heap Analyzer Crashes on 8.3

If a trivial app (eg: "hello world") tips over and you're ECO'd to current for your Alpha or Itanium system, then it's time for a call to HP support to report this boo-boo.

If Oracle Rdb is around and instrumented, there can be some requirements to install the librtl_instrumented.exe image. Failure to install can generate some unexpected messages.

The OpenVMS Alpha ECO kits are here:


And you'll want the current UPDATE kit and (if one exists) any more recent LIBRTL-related kit not included in same. A cursory look does not reveal a LIBRTL kit, but does show a LIBRTL image in UPDATE V4.0. I don't see a LIBRTL_INSTRUMENTED image listed in the kit text, which I'd expect to see; AFAIK, these two images are typically released in lock-step.

But if you're ECO'd to current and it tips over, ring up HP.

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Volker Halle
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Re: Heap Analyzer Crashes on 8.3


welcome to the OpenVMS ITRC forum.

I can reproduce the ACCVIO on OpenVMS Alpha V8.3, but not on OpenVMS Alpha V8.2.

If you specify $ SET PROC/DUMP before starting your program, the ACCVIO will cause an image dump to be written.

$ ANAL/PROC image_name.DMP/IMAGE=image_name.EXE
%SYSTEM-F-ACCVIO, access violation, reason mask=00, virtual address=000000000000
0CA8, PC=00000000001EC960, PS=0000001B
break on unhandled exception at SHARE$DBG$HA_KERNEL+403808
DBG> show call
module name routine name line rel PC abs PC
SHARE$DBG$HA_KERNEL 0000000000062960 00000000001EC960
SHARE$DBG$HA_KERNEL 0000000000060DB4 00000000001EADB4
SHARE$DBG$HA_KERNEL 0000000000000F94 000000000018AF94
SHARE$DBG$HA_KERNEL 0000000000063A8C 00000000001EDA8C
DBG> Exit

Testing the same on V8.2, I get:

Heap Analyzer: cannot open DECwindows display
Heap Analyzer requires DECwindows in order to run

(I didn't set up a DECwindows display, so this error is expected.).

This system is not up to the latest patch level, but there ARE NO VMS83A_* patches including LIBRTL_INSTRUMENTED.EXE. There was an updated LIBRTL.EXE (linked 7-AUG-2006 17:47:41.59) in VMS83A_ADDENDUM-V0100 (and in all of the UPDATE patches). The original LIBRTL_INSTRUMENTED.EXE has a link date of 29-JUN-2006 18:18:50.14. This may already explain a possible cause of this problem.

On my V8.2 system, both images have a link date only minutes apart.

Log a call with HP - if you can.


Re: Heap Analyzer Crashes on 8.3

Thanks for that guys, I've raised a call with HP so we will see what happens.