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Help w/m2402 NSR reconfig

Jack Trachtman
Super Advisor

Help w/m2402 NSR reconfig

The manual, my hours of trying, and HP support has failed me on this seemingly simple change.

Present config:
Module 0: 2-port fC
Module 1: unused
Module 2: 4-port SCSI for HP Jukebox (newer)
Module 3: 4-port SCSI for HP Jukebox (older)

I need to remove the jukebox on Module 3 & leave the one on Module 2. My present map includes both with the jukebox to be removed having the lower luns.

I have created a new map based on the present map. I deleted the lower luns, which defined the older Jukebox, & clicked on "remove gaps". Then disconnected older juke & repowered everything.

The "discovery" display shows my new mapping with the newer jukebox's components showing up as "active".

Problem: the "discovery" display shows the older juke interspersed with the newer juke, with its components listed as "not avail", and I can't make the nsr stop looking for the old juke!

I have gone to the exent of deleting all maps (except the defaults) and any map assignments to hosts. The only thing I haven't tried is the "reset to factory defaults".

How can I get the m2402 to "forget" about devices that were previously defined?