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How do I get the real 'NTP' time?

Richard McGorman
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How do I get the real 'NTP' time?

Our test environments are typically not on current time. For that reason the process that would normally call NTP and set the time is not active. We have a need to get the real time on these systems. It looks like O/S's supply something that will get the NTP time and sync the system time with it. We'd like to be able to just ask NTP for the current time. Is that possible in OpenVMS 8.4?
Steven Schweda
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Re: How do I get the real 'NTP' time?

> [...] OpenVMS 8.4?

Actual output from, say, TCPIP SHOW VERSION
might be more useful.

> [...] get the NTP time [...]

Define "the NTP time".

Around here, there seems to be a
suitable. You may need to set a Web search
engine to work to find the how-to on the
thing, but a quick use-any-old-socket (-u)
and don't-really-set-my-clock (-q) run seemed
to look plausible:

ALP $ mcr TCPIP$NTPDATE.EXE -q -u time.apple.com
Looking for host time.apple.com
host found : time.apple.com
server, stratum 2, offset 0.777970, delay 0.14645
9 May 16:49:56 ntpdate[538969709]: step time server offset 0.777970 sec

(It's the one time source whose name I can
remember easily.)
Andy Bustamante
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Re: How do I get the real 'NTP' time?

With a recent version of HP TCPIP


ntpdate -d -q time.domain.com

-d debug
-q query

NTP services must be stopped for this to execute properly. Drop the -q to set time to the designated time server.

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Richard McGorman
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Re: How do I get the real 'NTP' time?

That got our programmer on the right track. Thank you very much. :-)
Lucifer Megacruel
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Re: How do I get the real 'NTP' time?

This article may help you with time zone issues





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