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How to find out what PCSI options have been used?

Sebastian Bazley
Regular Advisor

How to find out what PCSI options have been used?

Just found out that some of our systems are missing the file SYS$EXAMPLES:DAYLIGHT_SAVINGS.COM.

As far as I can tell, this file is initially provided with VMS, and is certainly included in VMS732_UPDATEs, e.g. V1100.

However, when I tried installing the update, on some systems it said:

that was not selected; file update skipped

My question is: how do I find out what options have been defined, and how do I change them so the file is not skipped next time?

This should be easy, but HELP PROD and Google have not revealed anything. Nothing I could see in the VMS FAQ either.

Obviously I can just copy the file from the PCSI kit or another system, but that does not solve the problem long-term.
Aaron Sakovich
Super Advisor

Re: How to find out what PCSI options have been used?

You'll probably have to do a PRODUCT RECONFIGURE to add the example files back in. The syntax is similar to a PRODUCT INSTALL, but you'll have to do it from your booted CD, not a live system. There's a section in the FAQ... uhm, 15.4.2:


It talks about DECnet, but it applies to reconfiguring OpenVMS for other options, too.