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How to list installed patches

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Marek Konecny
Frequent Advisor

How to list installed patches

Hi all,

I'm OpenVMS beginner. I'd like to know how to obtain a list of installed patches and their versions.

We use OpenVMS Alpha v7.3-2

Thanks in advance
Thomas Ritter
Respected Contributor

Re: How to list installed patches

$ product show history
Jeff Chisholm
Valued Contributor

Re: How to list installed patches

Once you have your installed list from 'product show history', you can compare it to the short list of kits available. Note that 'update' includes a long list of other eco kits. Here's the short list:

VMS732_UPDATE-V1600 (requires pcsi 0500)
VMS732_FIBRE_SCSI-V1500 (requires pcsi 0500 and update 1600)
VMS732_F11X-V0600 (requires pcsi 0500 and update 1500 or higher)
VMS732_TZ-V0300 (requires pcsi 0300 or higher and update 0900 or higher)

Read the release notes! With these 5 kits in place, your V7.3-2 is as up to date as you can get it.

regards, Jeff
le plus ca change...
Honored Contributor

Re: How to list installed patches

You've received the correct answer to your specific question already. As you indicate you're a beginner on this, here is information on OpenVMS and its patches and products and tools such beyond what you've received so far.

finding installed products, versions:

using vmsinstal and pcsi

openvms patch faq: