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How to make printer queues known to CSWB?

Selden Ball

How to make printer queues known to CSWB?

How can I make our printer queues known to the Secure Web Browser?

When a user opens the Print... menu, the only option is to print to "Postscript/default"
which sends it to the queue defined as SYS$PRINT.

How can I add "real" printers to the list?
Is this documented anywhere? If so, I haven't been able to find it :(

Thanks for whatever help you can provide.
Steven Schweda
Honored Contributor

Re: How to make printer queues known to CSWB?

On mine, there's a Print > Properties gizmo
where you could change the queue name in the
"Print Command".

In my
file, there's a load of printer-related
stuff which might be altered/augmented
manually. It also offers comments which
point to other resources.

A quick Google search for "mozilla printers"
found some pages which claim that you only
get the one printer, and so you need to
change the "Print Command".

I have only one useful print queue, so it's
never bothered me.

Steven Schweda
Honored Contributor

Re: How to make printer queues known to CSWB?

To preserve file attributes (just in case), I
copied PREFS.JS to USER.JS, eliminated all
the non-printer stuff, and replaced all
instances of "/default." with "/alternate."
(and chose a distictive queue name), so:

user_pref("print.printer_PostScript/alternate.print_command", "print
/delete /queue = SyS$PrInT");
user_pref("print.printer_PostScript/alternate.print_edge_bottom", 4);

This didn't do much, but I did notice this in

print.printer_list default string

So, with little to lose, I tried adding this

user_pref("print.printer_list", "default alternate");

After which (and restarting the browser),
"print.printer_list" went from plain
("default") to BOLD ("user-set"),
and I had a list of two printers in the Print

As the documentation suggests, stuff in
USER.JS gets saved in PREFS.JS when the
brower dies peacefully.

I also set ("print.selection_radio_enabled",
true), but I have no idea what effect that
might have had.
Steven Schweda
Honored Contributor

Re: How to make printer queues known to CSWB?

Ok. I figured out what
("print.selection_radio_enabled", true) does.
You can relax now.
Selden Ball

Re: How to make printer queues known to CSWB?


Thanks for the hints.

For no obvious reason, your trick of editing the .js file(s) did nothing for me. :(

However, modifying print.printer_defs at the URL access:config by entering a space-delimited list of queue names causes that list of queues to be shown, but SWB still tries to print to the queue SYS$PRINT and not to the selected queue :(

i.e. the print command value shown in the Preferences window seems to have priority and it is not changed when different queues are selected, nor does selecting any of the listed queues define SYS$PRINT to a corresponding value.

We're still running SWB v1.4, if that makes a difference for this.

Steven Schweda
Honored Contributor

Re: How to make printer queues known to CSWB?

Mine says "SWB 1.7.13", which, as I recall,
includes some security-related improvements,
as well as some features. I'd vote for
trying the latest version.


You're right, editing the "about:config" page
(Hey -- You can do that!) is the easy way to
add a printer to the list (no restart
required, either), and when I did that,
specifying a fictional queue, it seemed to
work as expected. That is, selecting a
printer which specified a real queue got a
print job queued, while selecting a printer
which specified a bad queue got these
messages in the underlying terminal window:

PRINT-F-CREJOB, error creating job
-JBC-E-NOSUCHQUE, no such queue

So, it does seem to work as expected for me
(with the newer CSWB version).