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%INIT-F-NOBYPASS, operation requires BYPASS privilege

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James Barry Donovan
Occasional Contributor

%INIT-F-NOBYPASS, operation requires BYPASS privilege

We received this error when a user tried to run a backup & did not have OPER OR VOLPR privledges.

%INIT-F-NOBYPASS, operation requires BYPASS privilege

Would this error be related to OPER & VOLPRO not being granted to the users account?

The user is initializing a tape on a Virtual Library drive, ULTIUM 3-SCSI on a VLS 6800 series frame.

Honored Contributor

Re: %INIT-F-NOBYPASS, operation requires BYPASS privilege

Please post the full INITIALIZE command that was used (and that failed), and post the output from SHOW DEVICE /FULL for the target device, and a SHOW PROCESS /ALL for the process attempting the INITIALIZE. Thanks.
Jan van den Ende
Honored Contributor

Re: %INIT-F-NOBYPASS, operation requires BYPASS privilege


AFAIK, INITialising a tape needs OPER. IF the tape was initialised before, THEN VOLPRO is also needed (BYPASS seems to do as well, but lloks like overkill). To make a decent backup of more than private stuff, READALL is needed. (interestingly, THAT is also the priv needed for decent restore operations. It has been discussed that READALL would be more aptly named BACKUP)



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Volker Halle
Honored Contributor

Re: %INIT-F-NOBYPASS, operation requires BYPASS privilege


this is NOT related to the OPER privilege, it's related to the user not having VOLPRO.

When checking the volume protection, routine CHECK_PROT in module [INIT]INITAP performs the following checks:


1) the tape is not world write
2) you are not the owner of the tape
3) you are not in the same uic group with group priv

and you don't have a system UIC (i.e. your group UIC is greater than MAXSYSGROUP),


you need VOLPRO, SYSPRV or BYPASS to access the tape.

Shriniketan Bhagwat
Trusted Contributor

Re: %INIT-F-NOBYPASS, operation requires BYPASS privilege


If your accountâ s UIC is less than or equal to system UIC then initialize takes SYSPRV for initializing the tape. If your accountâ s UIC is greater than system UIC then initialize looks for VOLPRO, or SYSPRV or BYPASS. Please check your accountâ s UIC and grant the privileges accordingly.