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IP Routing Table & Host Table

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IP Routing Table & Host Table

Can you copy the Routing and Host tables between servers both running VMS (one at 8.3 and one at 8.4)?



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Re: IP Routing Table & Host Table

Working with IP routing configurations is seldom necessary beyond configuring the designated router, which implies that there might be something odd with the configuration here, or with the application requirements.  


Please post some details and background on what you're looking to establish.


What was once implemented with host tables (the /etc/hosts file on most Unix systems) are usually now implemented via DNS services.  Copying around host tables is feasible with many systems, but it's tedious and doesn't scale.  If you're in an established organization of most any scale, there's almost always a DNS server (or more usually, several DNS servers) around, and OpenVMS includes an integrated DNS resolver.  


It's feasible to copy host tables around with most systems, but OpenVMS doesn't use those directly.  You can export and import them, however, using the TCPIP utility; see the CONVERT /VMS and CONVERT /UNIX commands, and the SET HOST and SET NOHOST commands, among others.  


Static routing usually has to be manually entered; that's only ever exported and imported across servers rarely.


If you're encountering errors here, please post the error messages, the particular commands used, whether there are multiple controllers on each host and (if so) what subnets are configured on each, the product versions involved, etc.

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Re: IP Routing Table & Host Table

thanks Hoff

I have started a new thread this morning with the errors i am seeing after creating some new routes on the routing table

please refer to this


ill close this thread