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Incorrect memory display

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Incorrect memory display

My customer got some problem, they use AlphaServer 1200 5/533, 1GB memory on OpenVMS V6.2-1H3.
- After boot the system, it works fine, no problem at all. But when I use command show memory it displays as below:-

Physical Memory Usage (pages):
Main Memory (1792.00Mb)
Total -- 229376
Free -- 108885
In Use -- 117695
Modified -- 2886

The actual memory is only 1024.00MB, I afraid that if system use more memory and refer the memory page that does not exist in the system, system will be crashed.
And also I show memory configuration in SDA, it shows as below:-

Memory Configuration:
Cluster PFN Start PFN Count Range (MByte) Usage
#00 0 256 0.0 MB - 2.0 MB Console
#01 256 32512 2.0 MB - 256.0 MB System
#02 65536 32768 512.0 MB - 768.0 MB System
#03 131072 32768 1024.0 MB - 1280.0 MB System
#04 196608 32765 1536.0 MB - 1791.9 MB System
#05 229373 3 1791.9 MB - 1792.0 MB Console

Please see detail in attachment file
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Richard Brodie_1
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Re: Incorrect memory display

John Gillings
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Re: Incorrect memory display


First double check the physical memory to make sure it's what you think it is, and correctly seated, and in a valid configuration for your system.

Second, after changing the memory configuration in any post V6.0 system, execute AUTOGEN and reboot.

If, after those steps, you still believe the system is displaying incorrect memory size, please log a case with your local customer support centre.
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Re: Incorrect memory display

I have already checked physical memory and executed autogen before I posted this problem. It seems to be a "memory holes" problem. Anyway I try to log a case.
John Travell
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Re: Incorrect memory display

The memory looks OK, CLUE is claiming that you have 4x256Mb simms. The console appears to be allocating 512Mb memory banks.
I cannot remember now if this is the default behaviour of the As1200, but I do have a recollection of there being a poorly documented console command to control the way the console allocates memory banks. Something like
P00> set memory_algorithm new
but it might have been
P00> set console new
(I remember fixing this type of problem, but I have not seen the command for at least 3 years)
Ask your local HP h/w support about it, and push them until they find the correct syntax.
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Re: Incorrect memory display

Thanks you for your help. I will back to customer and try to do as your recommend.