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Is there any option to install OpenVMS remotely ?

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Is there any option to install OpenVMS remotely ?

Hi all,

Happy contacting you all my friends again after almost two years. Wish you are all doing great.


I have one alpha server in other country which has two hard drives, I am using one drive on which I have installed OpenVMS V7.3-2. The other drive is free now. Now I would like to install OpenVMS v8.4 on the 2nd drive remotely.


I can ask the remote lab engineer (who does not have any idea about Alpha server and OpenVMS) to burn OpenVMS v8.4 on 4 DVD (as OpenVMS V8.4 download unzipped into 3 .iso files), and place the media in the Alpha server. but I don't want to trouble him with burning the DVDs, use the console and start the installation, it is the big process. 


So is there a way to install OpenVMS V8.4 remotely, can we copy the install (3 .iso files) from the hard dirve? or can we setup remote console?


Thanks in advance



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Re: Is there any option to install OpenVMS remotely ?

Since you have the ability to load the DVD, can you connect directly to the console serial port on the Alpha? I have done this "remotely" using TELNET to a DECserver port which is attached to the serial port on an Alpha.

Andy Bustamante
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Re: Is there any option to install OpenVMS remotely ?

 Another option might be to run the upgrade or install on a local system.  Create a backup save set of the new boot disk and push that to the remote site.  Restore on the scratch disk and have the on site person boot from new system disk.  This assumes bandwidth and disk space are available.  Shipping a replacement boot disk could be an option as well.

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