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Java/Jar Files and CMS Issue

Paul Gotkin
Occasional Visitor

Java/Jar Files and CMS Issue

Anyone know why CMS v4.2 would have a problem inserting a jar file into CMS and having it returned unusable when subsequently fetched?

I've noticed that in many cases when java class files are put into JAR format, the resulting .JAR file will not analyze/rms properly. Apparently JAR fails to put a stream delimiter (LF)on the last record that causes analyze/rms to return an error, but the resulting JAR file runs ok (using JAVA v1.4.2-1). When I insert then fetch the JAR file from CMS, the resulting FETCHed file will not run, so CMS is somehow altering the contect on the fetch.

Any ideas?
David B Sneddon
Honored Contributor

Re: Java/Jar Files and CMS Issue


CMS works best with text files. I have, however,
used it to store text libraries (.TLB) and the like
with no problems.
Have you considered using VDE (from the Freeware
CDs)? They have a mechanism for storing non-text
files (can't recall the term they use at the moment)
in other areas rather than in CMS.