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Java install files

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Peter Zeiszler
Trusted Contributor

Java install files

I downloaded the java from http://h18012.www1.hp.com/java/download/index.html.

I had to go through a windows system so it probably changed the file format.

I need to know how to change DEC-AXPVMS-JAVA131-V0103-17-1.PCSI_SFX_AXPEXE back into an executable image on OpenVMS.
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Re: Java install files

This file may or may not be honked on. Make this file look like an executable image. It is an image, after all. (Sometimes downloading and doing a Save As as mumble.EXE can help.)

You can DIRECTORY/FULL some other image, and this image.

Then issue the command SET FILE/ATTRIBUTES.

The argument list is probably RFM:FIX,LRL:512

Stephen Hoffman
HoffmanLabs LLC
Steven Schweda
Honored Contributor

Re: Java install files

As usual, actual information, like exactly
what "go through" means, and what the actual
file attributes are, might be helpful.

Depending on the actual damage, and assuming
that it started out as a self-extracting Zip
archive (as the name suggests), you could try
using UnZip on it instead of trying to
execute it.

Generally, a .EXE with funny attributes is
tolerated better than, say, a BACKUP save
set with funny attributes, so if you can't
run it, it may be pretty thoroughly wrecked,
but it's easy and safe to try it. On the
bright side, if it's a typically old SFX, a
modern UnZip may extract it faster than it
will extract itself.
John Gillings
Honored Contributor

Re: Java install files


The image activator really doesn't care about file attributes, so if you can't RUN the file, it probably means it's broken more than just a simple attribute change.

Please post the error message from RUN. If that fails, I wouldn't trust the data to be correct, even if UNZIP apparently works.

You may need to repeat the download, making sure the file is transferred as FTP BINARY (your browser may be trying to guess based on the file type, and getting it wrong).
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Steven Schweda
Honored Contributor

Re: Java install files

> [...] even if UNZIP apparently works.

You're no fun. There is a CRC check in the
Zip-UnZip path, so it should complain one way
or another if the file is unusable.
Peter Zeiszler
Trusted Contributor

Re: Java install files

"go through" means I had to ftp the file to my PC then ftp the file to the VMS box. IE Used whatever it wanted to download so it probably chose BIN. When I xfered the file to VMS I used BIN.

Unzip on the files did work and they each extracted a couple save sets. The save sets are good.

Funny thing is after I ran unzip on them - they do work as self extracting ZIP files now. No errors when I do a "run filename".

Thanks guys.
Peter Zeiszler
Trusted Contributor

Re: Java install files

Closing thread
Steven Schweda
Honored Contributor

Re: Java install files

> Funny thing is [...]

I don't think that I'd believe that even if
I saw it myself. But I am glad that you got
your bits out intact.