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Java patch kit 1.6.0-2.p1

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Java patch kit 1.6.0-2.p1



I disabled the MKTHREADS flag of the java$java.exe image (java 1.6) and the performance is much better of the deployed java applications on the I64 servers.

Below you can read the release notes of the latest java patch kit 1.6.0-2.p1.


Does this mean that I can't disable the MKTHREADS of the JAVA image anymore?


Patch Release Kits (1.6.0-2.p1)

Operating System Requirements
The JDK 6.0-2 kit requires OpenVMS I64 V8.3 or higher. This kit will not run on versions of OpenVMS I64 prior to V8.3.

Other Prerequisites:

  • Kernel support for Thread Manager upcalls must be enabled. Please do not disable Thread Manager upcalls using either the image flags or the MULTITHREAD system parameter.

All help is welcome.



Ph Vouters
Valued Contributor

Re: Java patch kit 1.6.0-2.p1

Dear Toine,


With any image you can turn on and off at will any flag which appears under a $ show image prog.exe.

You can any time use $ set image/flag=([no]flag) prog.exe with [no] being optional. If "no" is omitted you set the flag. If "no" is present you clear the flag.


Yours truly,