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LDAP on OpenVMS testing: what server to use?

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Clark Powell
Frequent Advisor

LDAP on OpenVMS testing: what server to use?

If I'm trying to test the LDAP authentication features of OpenVMS what would be the simplest type of LDAP server I could configure and use for the test? Something on windows 2000 would be easiest to create. Or if OpenVMS itself could act as a server that would be perfect!

Clark Powell
Honored Contributor

Re: LDAP on OpenVMS testing: what server to use?

OpenVMS with the Enterprise Directory pieces installed and configured. Mac OS X Server, Linux and most (all?) other Unix implementations have OpenDirectory or an analogous LDAP capabilities built in. Or yes, you could probably use Windows Server and its LDAP capabilities.

If you haven't already found this, here are some LDAP topics that might be useful here:

I'm not sure I'd call any LDAP implementation "simple"... LDAP itself started out as a lightweight implementation of another and rather more massive directory protocol stack, which is a little scary. That written, Server Admin (the Mac OS X Server management tools) are among the easiest I've used.