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Listin C++ compiler messages


Listin C++ compiler messages

Is there a way to get a complete listing of the messages emitted by the OpenVMS C++ compiler? With the OpenVMS C compiler you can issue the command CC/LIST/SHOW=(MESSAGES) ... and the listing file will show the messages that could be emitted with the standard mode selected in the compilation command. But I didn't see a similar facility for the C++ compiler. Is there one (undocumented perhaps)?

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Re: Listin C++ compiler messages


I can't find anywhere that lists C++ compile time errors. They're not in the users guide, or online help. The implication in the users guide is you should be able to work it out from the text:

".2.2 Compiler Error Messages
If the compiler detects errors in your source code, the compiler signals these errors by displaying diagnostic messages in the following format:

%CXX-s-ident, message-text
at line number n in file name

To be sure your program runs successfully, examine the diagnostic messages, evaluate error severity, and make any necessary corrections.

You can suppress certain information and warning diagnostic messages using the #pragma message preprocessor directive. For information about this directive, see Section"

That's it!

If were your, I'd be raising this with HP Customer support. Seems to me it's a fairly large hole in the C++ documentation.
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Re: Listin C++ compiler messages

I did not originally indicate why I wanted this information. Normally, if you are simply using the compiler to compile your libraries/applications you would simply deal with the messages episodically (as the compiler issues them). However, this is not why I wanted this information. I am in the process of trying to assess the changes to the GNV compiler driver that are necessary so that it will behave (as close as practically possible) to the compilation behavior exhibited with the GCC compiler driver. The documented default behavior of GCC is not as verbose as the default behavior of the OpenVMS compilers. This means that I would need to explicitly disable certain messages using the the message reporting options [/WARNINGS=(...)] on the OpenVMS compiler command line. But in order to do this you need to know the message name that the compiler issues in order to disable it. I was hoping to simply get an exhaustive listing of these messages so that I could search them using the terms found in the GCC documentation so that I could correlate the GCC message reporting options with one or more OpenVMS compiler message names which I could then specify on the command line generated by the GNV compiler driver. But, since there does not appear to be a single, convenient, searchable source of this information, I just may have to try and dig it up through official HP support channels.

Thanks for the use of your second pair of eyes though. I thought I may have missed something in the documentation/help that somebody else may have discovered.

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Re: Listin C++ compiler messages


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