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Looking for an SNMP agent for OpenVMS VAX V7.1

Jeremy Begg
Trusted Contributor

Looking for an SNMP agent for OpenVMS VAX V7.1

I have been asked by another consulting firm if I know of any software to enable SNMP-based monitoring and alerting for a system running OpenVMS VAX V7.1.  (They specifically want to monitor disk space.)


One suggestion (by them) was to use CA's NSM Agent for OpenVMS but they don't like that solution because CA has ceased updating the VAX version of that product.  (This seems slightly incongruous to me, given the age of their system, but who am I to argue?)


I have read up on COMTEK Services' "NMServer for OpenVMS" product and this might do the job.  I am waiting for a quote.


Are there any other suitable products out there?  For example, were the Systems Insight Management Agents around back then (15 years ago)?


FWIW, here's what has been requested:


Potentially if we could attempt to  monitor it using our Spectrum Network Fault Manager (Spectrum NFM) product if:


  1. SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) was installed on the VAX and was RFC2790 (Host-Resources MIB) compliant.
  2. The SNMP MIB’s (Management Information Databases) for the VAX were made available to us (and were RFC 2790 compliant).
  3. We are able to load those MIBS’s into Spectrum NFM (in the standard format)
  4. We are able to discover the VAX into Spectrum (dependant on Network connectivity)


Jeremy Begg

John Gillings
Honored Contributor

Re: Looking for an SNMP agent for OpenVMS VAX V7.1


   Someone running *VAX* V7.*1* worried about future upgrade paths? Hmmm


Since the S in SNMP stands for "Simple", and all they want to do is monitor disk space, why not just knock together a small program to do just what they want? Shouldn't take more than a few hours.

A crucible of informative mistakes
Honored Contributor
Jeremy Begg
Trusted Contributor

Re: Looking for an SNMP agent for OpenVMS VAX V7.1

Thanks Hoff, that might be a workable solution.