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Lucene, Solr and filepaths

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Re: Lucene, Solr and filepaths

It turns out it was one of my external files not properly converting file names. I've now gotten the indexing to work. Thank you for the quick response anyways.
Ph Vouters
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Re: Lucene, Solr and filepaths

Dear Ben,

You are already aware about what I write to you. For the ITRC community, I built solr from sources onto my Linux computer. Then I transferred the .tar.gz of my apache-solr directory content onto an OpenVMS IA64 V8.3-1H1 system with Java V6.0 .installed. Because my Linux runs Tomcat 6 and the VMS system runs Tomcat 5, I have been unable to use the .war files. I instead used start.jar and post.jar. For firewall reasons, I modified the solr default port to 8080 and for post.jar that I ran on my Linux I used -Durl= on the command directing it to the remote VMS system.

I faced two problems. An illegal seek error on commits and a Lock Timeout. Both were reported by start.jar. It happens the Lock Timeout error is reported each time the lucene write.lock file has not been deleted. This occurs each time there is an illegal seek error. I dug onto Internet and finally found a code which exactly reproduces the solr's top stack trace with the exact same Illegal seek error.

The Illegal seek error is now documented at
No workaround has yet been found for this. This looks to be Java specific as I am unable to reproduce the problem from within a C code which should be the direct translation of the lucene problem reproducer.

Yours truly,