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MAC integration

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MAC integration

Used configuration:

OpenVMS 7.3-2 cluster, Advanced Server 7.3-A2, some PCs, some Macs.
The OpenVMS servers are the PDCs.

Why can I share directories between PC and OpenVMS, between Mac and PC but not between MAC and OpenVMS. The domain is listed in the network folder and also the single nodes and the alias. But I can't connect to a public share (the shares are not listed).

Thanks in advance

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Re: MAC integration

Welcome to VMS forum :-)

I'm not sure about your network configuration, so I have to suppose some things.
If your Macs use Appletalk you can't access to OpenVMS server, because Appletalk protocol is not longer supported by vms.
If your Macs use TCP/IP, I guess you have not loaded PWRK license client (because is avaiable only for Windos platform) so you have to configure Advanced Server with server license mode.
Please type
to see how Advanced Server is working.

Antonio Vigliotti
Antonio Maria Vigliotti
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Re: MAC integration

Simply put tcpip on your Macs and you can tranfer files.
John Gillings
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Re: MAC integration


Back a few years... about MacOS V7, there was a Mac product called "Dave" which allowed Macs to mount LANMAN shares. It worked with PCs, Pathworks and Advanced Server.

I have no idea if it still exists or if there are versions which run on later versions of MacOS. Maybe most of the functionality has been subsumed by MacOS?

If it's still around and can help, I'm sure you can find it with Google.

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Galen Tackett
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Re: MAC integration


Dave is still out there. See http://www.thursby.com/products/dave.html

Would Samba on the VMS side maybe let Uwe do what he needs? Or might it conflict with Advanced Server somehow?

My OS X V10.3.x system apparently has SMB built in as I'm able easily to share folders. I wish it were here at work where I could tell you more specifically what I do on the Mac side. It's pretty straightforward.

I don't have a "real" VMS system at home :-( so I can't try this combination out myself.

Something tells me that trying to run Samba on my simh Vax (running on a OS X 10.3.9 466 MHz G4) wouldn't be something I'd want to try. Anyway, I still haven't got VMS to talk to my LAN without getting lots of "duplicate IP address" messages from TCPware. But that's a story for another day...