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MQ Series 5.3 and OpenVMS 8.3

Valued Contributor

MQ Series 5.3 and OpenVMS 8.3

Has anyone got that combination to work?

Seems we are getting a
SYS$PSHARED_REGISTER not available for PID

Of course, the MQ support site only says they support VMS 8.2 and don't mention 8.3 - which will probably kill our usage and upgrade to 8.3 until they do support it. Anyone have heard of any plans to?
check out evamgt.wetpaint.com and evamgt google group
Shael Richmond
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Re: MQ Series 5.3 and OpenVMS 8.3

It's working on Itanium V8.3 for us. I had no problem with the install.

I don't have any Alpha's at V8.3 so I can't help you there.