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MSA$UTIL using arbitrary drives on SB40c for RAID set

Ken Randell

MSA$UTIL using arbitrary drives on SB40c for RAID set

BL860c, VMS 8.3-1H1 w/Fibre_SCSC V0200 patch, SB40c w/6 146GB SAS drives, MSA$UTIL V3.00 build 05-Apr-2008

I'm testing some 'what if' scenarios for creating logical units on a SB40c.

My script does the following:

$mcr msa$util
set controller pkb0:
add unit 0 /disk=(1,2) /raid=1
add unit 1 /disk=(3,4) /raid=1

However, when I remove the drive from bay 2 (my 'what if' scenario), instead of the above add unit 0 command failing as I would expect, MSA$UTIL happily creates the unit using drives 1 and 5.

Is this the expected behavior?

FWIW, the drive/bay numbering is as follows:

1 3 5
2 4 6

Note the above disk numbering only matches the bay number if you have the FIBRE_SCSI V0200 patch (or later?) installed, otherwise the disk number matches the SCSI numbering.

The SCSI numbering is as follows:

4 6 0
5 7 1

In any case, it seems strange to me that MSA$UTIL is not doing what I asked it to do.

Any ideas/pointers?