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MSL5000 and VMS backup

Frequent Advisor

MSL5000 and VMS backup

has anyone successfully run a backup on the MSL 5000 series tape libraries?
Zahid Ghani
Frequent Advisor

Re: MSL5000 and VMS backup

We are using MSL5026 with SDLT220/360 tape drive with VMS Backup without any problems.
Do you have any problems
Frequent Advisor

Re: MSL5000 and VMS backup

I think I am. Can i ask you some questions please

Firstly: is there any sequence /order we need to follow before we run backups? Does the library automatically select tapes, or has the selection have to be done manually?
Secondly, I will really appreciate if you can give me step-by-step instructions as to how a backup can be run with this library Please specify if I need to load the catridge manually into the drive first, or is it done automatically?

Thanks for your help
Shael Richmond
Frequent Advisor

Re: MSL5000 and VMS backup

It depends on how you want it to work.

I have my library in random selection and my backup command procedure use MRU to load the correct tape for that day. I load the tape, init, backup, dismount/nounload, then unload the tape with MRU. Some days I use multiple tapes.

You can also set the library to sequential.
Manually load the first tape. Then after the backup do a dismount/unload and it will unload the tape and put the next one in.
Rick Dyson
Valued Contributor

Re: MSL5000 and VMS backup

Can you see the drive? How is it attached? Direct or via SAN?

As mentioned, the library loader can be in sequential mode or random. To use the ROBOT to control the system remotely, you have to put the MSL into RANDOM mode.

If you want the MSL to automagically unload a "finished" tape and then put the next one into the drive, you need to put the MSL into SEQUENTIAL mode.

NOTE: The two are mutually exclusive. You can not use ROBOT (i.e., the MRU package) if you want the drive to "autoload" when you dismount/unload the drive.

Of course, you have to be able to access the drive first, right? :)

Get back to us on the details!

I have a couple of these (all SAN attached) that work wonderfully!